Vicidial hosting companies in United States

The hosting companies in the US serve large organization's and they are considered to be the most preferred hosting location. There are various companies which does these type of hosting for the small level, medium level or the larger scale enterprise particularly for the inbound and the outbound call setup

The servers are generally essential for the consumers to store the call recordings. The call recordings are the important parameters for the organization's to perform auditing and also to validate the information

The insurance based companies need to store a lot of  data as it will always be required for verification. 

Call center hosting

This firm will have the provision to host the Vicidial server with various pricing plans. This company has a large caller setup and helps to provide the solution with great scalability. This platform has a lot of user-friendly options for setting up the call platform. Beyond the user friendly setup the platform provides an economic way of hosting the call platform

This company had been existing in the business for many years and they have the ability to handle the customers according to the requirement

The firms of small business, large business or the Entrepreneurs can be well managed with the help of Call center manager options. Hence this organization was able to bring revolution in the field of Vicidial hosting

The hosting model comes with various pricing plans and there is also a 24/7 support with the contact centre to enable seamless and any time hosting service


Vicidial hosting can be enabled via this platform. This platform allows accessing of the servers from any place anytime. They provide great security and help in managing the hosting at various levels and at various server configuration

This firm comes with two different hosting which will be like either the Windows Server or Linux server. The organization comes with Powerful Configuration which will be Intel® Xeon® E-series processor, RAM expandable upto 60 GB, 2-10 CPU Cores configurations are provided for high-performance Linux VPS Server.

Windows virtual machine comes with a configuration of Intel processor.

Intel is known for its trusted secure hardware foundation. The E5-2600 processors in our Windows 10 Virtual Machine comes with Advanced Encryption Standard and Trusted Execution Technology.

Once the order for the virtual server is placed the hosting work would get initiated within an hour of subscription. The product specialist team would get in touch with your firm to initiate the job of hosting the application on a windows server

This organization has the Vicidial servers at a high end configuration particularly for windows they have got a windows 10 virtual machine. The windows virtual machine would be available with a storage space of 50 GB SSD to start with and they can be made to upgrade to 1000 GB in a matter of short time frame

 Gnome it solutions

This firm comes with various hosting options for Vicidial and they have various pricing options. The pricing model comes with various types like monthly, quarterly, semi annually and annually. The vicidial hosting basic option comes with the following configuration. 

•  Intel Xeon E5-2660, 4x vCPU, 3.5 GHz, 8GB ECC RAM, 100GB SSD

The platform comes with Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited User and 1 Usable IP and with a Hosted Vicidial/Vicibox Goautodial

The delivery for the above configuration and with the Vicidial setup would be made available in less than 5 minutes. This basic configuration option comes with the pricing of $30

Next option is the Vicidial express pricing model. This model comes with the configuration of Intel E5-2660, 6x vCPU, 3.5 GHz, 12GB ECC RAM,100GB SSD and Unlimited Bandwidth with Unlimited User and 1 Usable IP. This configuration also comes with Hosted Vicidial/Vicibox Goautodial. The Delivery Time of this option is 3 -5 Minutes

Vicidial Enterprise option comes with the configuration of Intel XeonE5-2660, 8x vCPU, 3.5 GHz, 16GB ECC RAM, 200GB SSD, Unlimited Bandwidth,Unlimited User,1 Usable IP, Hosted Vicidial/Vicibox Goautodial

The delivery time of this configuration model is also 3-5 minutes

Final option is Vicidial Ultimate which comes with the configuration at a price of $60

The configuration is Xeon E5-2660, 12x vCPU,3.5 GHz, 32GB ECC RAM,500GB SSD, Unlimited Bandwidth with Unlimited User setup. Also comes with 1 Usable IP, Hosted Vicidial/Vicibox Goautodial and finally the Delivery Time 3 -5 Minutes

This unit comes with good security management and it is important to understand before you go with hosting the Vicidial server. Also beyond security aspects the company comes with the option of secured back methodology which helps to be assured about the data as well as the security of the calls and the call recording.


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